Wide format printing is a method of printing in which the desired graphic image is transferred onto large format material. Special wide format printers and plotters are used for this purpose. Wide format printing is extremely popular due to its low cost and wide selection of materials. Professionally produced wide format printing products are probably the best choice for advertising. Colorful and large format promotional products perfectly attract the attention of potential customers.

Wide format printing can be divided into two types – for indoor use and for outdoor advertising. Wide format printing for indoor advertising is always high resolution because the advertising print product is viewed from a shorter distance. Visual appeal is important for a successful advertising campaign – brightness, abundance of colors and accuracy of the depicted object. Wide format printing provides all these benefits.

Wide format printing for indoor use can be used for a variety of promotional products: corporate office design, showcases, trade halls, exhibition stands, posters,  stickers, etc. Wide format printing can be used not only for advertising, but also to create an exclusive interior. For example, exclusive photo wallpapers or stretch ceilings with the desired image. Images printed on a transparent film using a light source allow to create a stained glass effect. Wide format printing on natural canvas mimics a painted picture.

Wide format printing for outdoor advertising is indispensable due to the extremely large format. Wide format printing products are used in decorating advertising stands, shop windows, building facades, vehicles. Wide format print products for outdoor advertising are printed on environmentally resistant materials.

The following materials may be used for wide format printing:

  • paper,
  • canvas,
  • adhesive PVC film,
  • flag cloth,
  • tents,
  • PVC mesh.

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