In the online store you can order goods at any time of the day, any day of the week. When ordering goods, you can choose the most convenient way of delivery of goods: we can deliver the goods directly to your home or office.

Delivery in Lithuania costs from 4.99 Eur (for heavy or international orders, an additional fee may apply).

The goods are shipped within 1-3 working days after payment is received.


1. Return and replacement of the goods shall be carried out in accordance with the Retail Trade Rules approved by 22 July 2014 Resolution No 738 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

2. The Purchaser shall be entitled to withdraw from the Purchase-Sale Contract concerning the goods within 14 (fourteen) days by giving a notice to the Seller by e-mail

3. The Purchaser shall be entitled to replace the purchased goods with equivalent goods of other dimensions, shape, colour, model or completion within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of transfer of the goods to him/her. In case of arising of a difference of prices as a result of replacement of the goods, the Purchaser and the Seller shall be obliged to settled accounts at the recalculated prices. The Purchaser’s notice of willingness to exercise the right provided for in this paragraph hereof in relation to the returned goods shall be sent to the Seller by e-mail

4. The returned good shall not be damaged, shall not have lost its commercial appearance (the labels are not damaged, the protective film is not removed etc.). This paragraph shall not be applicable in case when a good of unsatisfactory quality is returned. The condition concerning change of the appearance of the packaging shall not be applicable if the packaging had to be damaged in order to examine the good.

5. The returned good shall be complete.

6. When returning the good, its purchase document must be produced.

7. The Seller shall be entitled not to accept the goods returned by the Purchaser if the Purchaser fails to observe the established procedure for return of the goods.

8. The Purchaser shall deliver the returned goods at his/her own expense to the address Taurės UAB, Pramonės g. 21D, Šiauliai.

9. The Goods shall be returned not later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of giving the notice of withdrawal from the contract to the Seller. The liability for proper packaging of the good shall fall within the Purchaser.

10. The money for the goods shall be repaid to the Purchaser within 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of return of the good to the bank account indicated by the Purchaser.

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