Thermal printing is a method of printing in which the image is transferred to the material by means of a press at high temperature. Thermal printing allows you to create products of exclusive design quickly and easily. Thermal printing is probably the most popular method used to decorate fabrics.

There are several methods of thermal printing, but thermal film is most commonly used to transfer an image or design onto a material. The thermal film can be of various colors, with its help it is possible to transfer even small details on the material. The computer-generated image is cut from the thermal film, then placed on the material and pressed with a hot press. In this way, the film adheres firmly to the material. High quality transferred thermal printing is resistant to external influences, does not wash and does not peel off.

Thermal printing is suitable for almost all heat resistant fabric products: T-shirts, jackets, uniforms, work and sportswear, hats, handbags and backpacks made of fabric. With the help of thermal printing, everyday clothes or items can be easily turned into unique products of exclusive design.

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