Digital foiling is the coating of an image printed on a digital printer with foil using high temperatures. Digital printer toner acts as an adhesive at high temperatures and adheres firmly to the foil.

How is the process going? The laser printer first prints the image in black and white. The foil of the desired color and protective sheet are then placed on it. All of these layers are placed in a heated laminator. After lamination, the foil is removed, leaving the foil adhered to the paper only in the printed areas.

Features of digital foiling:

  • this method is cheaper than lamination with clichés,
  • clichés are unnecessary,
  • requires a laser printer and laminator,
  • only plain paper can be foiled,
  • suitable for foiling small prints from 1 pc.,
  • leaves no imprints on the foiled surface.

Digital foiling is used for:

  • diplomas,
  • certificates,
  • postcards.

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