Cliché foiling is a printing technology where the foil is transferred to paper or fabric with the help of a press and heated clichés. How is the process going? First of all, a press cliché with the desired image or inscription is made of metal. The press cliché is then placed in a press where it is heated to a certain temperature. When paper or cloth is placed in the press, the heated press clamp is pressed, so that part of the foil adheres to the work surface and forms the desired image.

Features of foil clichés:

  • a press cliché needs to be made in advance,
  • any paper, paperboard or fabric can be foiled,
  • the cliché leaves imprints on the work surface, thus creating a volumetric image.

Foiling with clichés is used for:

  • business cards,
  • diplomas,
  • certificates,
  • postcards,
  • various paper packages,
  • workbooks.

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