Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a highly accurate transfer of an inscription or image on various surfaces: metal, acrylic, plastic, glass, wood, stone, leather, paper. This engraving method allows you to achieve a very high level of accuracy of the engraved image, which is not possible with other methods. Because the laser beam heats only a small area of ​​the object to be engraved, laser-engraved products do not deform or change color. Laser-engraved images are also long-lasting – they do not fade or abrade.

Metal engraving

Laser engraving of metal burns the top surface of painted or chromed objects. This produces a contrasting image. The color of the image depends on the thickness of the coating under the engraved object and the color of the metal below it. If the metal has no coating, the contrasting image can be engraved using special oxidizing materials.

Plexiglas engraving

Plexiglas is a strong and plastic polymer that can be given any shape. The exceptional physical properties of clear plexiglass make it possible to further emphasize the contrast of the engraved image using side lighting. When the light source is installed in the plexiglass holder, the light is reflected from the edges of the product and is evenly distributed over the entire surface. The engraved area distorts the light rays, making the engraved image itself look bright.

Glass engraving

The laser can engrave various glass products: various glass awards, cups, mugs, bottles, mirrors. Products with glass enamel can also be engraved.

Wood engraving

When engraving wood products, the laser beam burns an embossed image on the wood surface. The color of the burned image depends on the type and density of the wood. When engraving the wood colour can vary from dark brown to light yellow shades. Lacquered wood can also be engraved. Mostly engraved solid wood, plywood, MDF boards.

Plastic engraving

Plastic is particularly suitable for laser engraving, making it one of the most commonly used materials for engraving. A variety of plastic products can be laser engraved – pendants, pens, plastic boards, etc. To our customers we offer Rowmark double-layer plastic of various colors, from which it is possible to make various advertising, information or souvenir products – badges, information boards, numbered tokens, pendants, etc.

Paper engraving

A variety of paper or cardboard can also be engraved with a laser. An individually designed engraved postcard or engraved paper gift box gives exclusivity and looks out of the ordinary.

Leather engraving

Laser engraving can give uniqueness to everyday leather products. Both natural and artificial leather can be engraved in various thicknesses and colours. Leather engraving perfectly complements the luxury of leather and emphasizes the individuality of the product. The most commonly engraved leather products are: wallets, belts, workbooks, mobile phone and eyeglass cases, shoes, and more.

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