The team of Taurės UAB is satisfied that recognition and appreciation of achievements is one of the key elements of personality motivation in encouragement of the need to move forward, overcome challenges, improve and seek for even higher results. Being a part of a victory is the main goal of  Taurės UAB; thus, our daily work, concern and passion which we have promoted since 2011 are development, production of awards and trade in awards.

Different awards become increasingly popular and rarely an event takes place without presenting awards. Awards are important not only in sports but also in science business, personal celebrations. Sometimes a diploma or a gratitude for a participant may suffice, sometimes several hundreds of sets of medals or cups may be necessary. Every event – whether it be a competition of friends of the yard or professional sports competitions or international competitions – is important to us. We seek that every award ceremony was of the highest level and the prize awarded to the awarded person would remind him/her of the importance of achievements in sports, hobbies or professional activities.


Loyalty, quality and accessibility are of particular significance in our work; thus, during ten years of operation Taurės UAB has its customers’ recommendations as a reliable production partner and supplier of sports and other awards.


Probably the largest storehouse of awards in Lithuania ensures necessary quantity of goods even for the largest project. We offer a wide range of cups, medals, statues, and diplomas to our customers. We also offer elegant souvenirs of premium design made of glass, wood or plastic.


The possibility to create awards of individual design by yourself distinguishes us from other market participants. We constantly realise new ideas created by our professional designers in the production unit of Taurės UAB. Each idea is improved until it meets the pickiest buyer’s requirements and the used professional equipment allows to fulfil even the most complex order quickly and in a high quality manner.

The production unit also provides UV printing, laser cutting and engraving services.

Taurės UAB is a place where every member of the staff may improve his/her skills and acquire new professional skills and enjoy the pleasure of the carried out work.  Knowledge that we are a part of something significant also provides pleasure, photos of events remind us that we have contributed to creation of the story of winnings of our friends, customers and partners.

We want to keep joyful moments of achievements and joyful mood of victory in our memory as long as possible; thus, we say that a victory lasts for a second and an award remains forever!


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